Author: Chuck's Vintage

Rebel With A Cause: Hudson Jeans CEO Peter Kim On Being “Forever Forward” With Denim

With the ’70s style taking a hold of fashion this season, the denim revival has come front and center. Then again, it would be disingenuous to say that the fabric beloved by groovy gals and guys is making a comeback, as it has become so engrained in the language of fashion, having achieved the ever-elusive […]

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Madeline Cammarata From Chuck’s Vintage Lives Los Angeles Denim by- Rebecca Cringean

Kismet works in strange ways. For instance, 16 years ago, a young Madeline Cammarata had no way of knowing that she was hawking her then boyfriend’s leather jacket to her future husband, Chuck. When she wandered into Melrose mainstay Golf Punk all those years ago, did her hand touch Chuck’s when they did the exchange? […]

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Chuck’s Vintage Has a Brand New Bag by Jane Herman

Ask any denim-loving editor, stylist, or designer where they go for vintage inspiration in L.A., and chances are they’ll say Chuck’s. Not only do owners Chuck and Madeline Harmon carry one of the city’s best selection of jeans, t-shirts, Victorian dresses, and army wear, too, but the couple, who have been in business on Melrose for fifteen […]

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